Selfie Fail Compilation ???? | Funny Fails | Failarmy 2021

Self-shooters take note, this is not the way you want to go viral. We've gathered up the internet's  ...Voir Plus

Angry Farmer Flips Car Off His Land - Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

Old McDonald he was not, but that's what you get for trespassing. You'll need to leave his driveway, ...Voir Plus


Whether a cool dad or a fool dad, Father's Day is a time to celebrate them all. It's coming up soon, ...Voir Plus

Failing Fast and Hard - Fails of the Week | FailArmy

The week's best fails are coming in at terminal velocity. And it's not just the parachuter or terrib ...Voir Plus

Epic Bicycle Bloopers | Fails Compilation

Fails on wheels! The bicycle is the most efficient transport machine ever invented, but it's far fro ...Voir Plus

Nature Strikes Back - Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Our most radical fails of the week are leaving people soaked, stoked and sore like never before. Yog ...Voir Plus

Summertime Madness | Fails Compilation

Fun in the summer sun doesn't come with the pains of slippery winter wipeouts, but there's no shorta ...Voir Plus

Why Do This To Yourself? Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Flop your way into the weekend with the week's best fails! Irate drivers, pranking a pregnant woman, ...Voir Plus


Some people can barely handle their own reality, now they want to try it on Hard? You can enter the  ...Voir Plus

People Getting Wrecked - Fails of the Week | FailArmy

From the not-so-deadly human scorpions and actual animals wreaking havoc to hoverboarding old people ...Voir Plus

Scream Machine - Crazy Ride Reactions

Let's take an unfairly close look at terrified riders on the fastest coasters they've ever experienc ...Voir Plus

Scare Fails! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

From tree falls and deadlifts to mopeds and scares, this week's fails will take your breath away, sh ...Voir Plus

She Didn't EXPECT THAT! | Hilarious Mom Fails | FailArmy

Moms around the world, this is a tribute to all the amazing work you do, especially when it fails. # ...Voir Plus

Ripping Up the Highway - Fails of the Week | FailArmy

This week's best fails are coming in hot, so hot they melted off one of the tires in our first clip. ...Voir Plus


Ever drop a Clean & Snatch onto the back of your neck?! After watching our latest compilation of gym ...Voir Plus

Faceplants for the Earth - Fails of the Week | FailArmy

The latest and greatest fails worldwide start with an unnecessary stunt that you should definitely n ...Voir Plus

EARTH DAY | Best Human vs Earth Fails

In celebration of Earth Day, we at FailArmy wanted to share this short reminder of just how silly an ...Voir Plus

Elephant Enjoys a Relaxing Afternoon #shorts

This big boy is blowing big clouds. It's a universal celebration. Shop our 4/20 collection today: ht ...Voir Plus

Don’t Put Your Finger There! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Happy #FailFriday​ everyone! Now get YOUR finger off that mouse and enjoy another excellent week of  ...Voir Plus

Who's Gonna Pay? | Funny Expensive Fails Compilation 2021

Exercise equipment and recreation, vertical bowling and a cluelessly destructive grandma, viewing th ...Voir Plus

Bad Hair Day! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Happy #FailFriday​ everyone! Another great week of fails coming at you! Bad Haircuts, hilarious work ...Voir Plus

People Vs Animals: Funny Animal Fails Compilation

Beware of raging pets and community critters! Looks like they found the catnip and going crazy on th ...Voir Plus

Monkey Attacks Woman! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Happy #FailFriday​ everyone! Another great week of fails coming at you! Rude monkeys, backfiring pra ...Voir Plus

Never-Ending Shampoo: Best Pranks Compilation 2021

The never-ending shampoo prank and other epic pranks really confuse these people! Enjoy some inspira ...Voir Plus

Mommy's A WHAT?! Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

Happy #FailFriday everyone! Another great week of fails coming at you! Rude kids, vicious roosters,  ...Voir Plus

Funny Spring Break Fails 2021 | FailArmy

We're putting the break back in Spring Break! It's the end of March and spring is here. The winter c ...Voir Plus

Funniest Rides | Fails of the Week

We were banned from posting last week for some old videos that failed TOO hard but...we're back! Her ...Voir Plus

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