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Most Extreme Slackliners | Ultimate Compilation

Do these sky-high slacklines make you nervous? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ Mystery Video ➝  ...Voir Plus

Tearing Up The Golf Course & More Wins Vs. Fails! | PAA Vs. FailArmy

How good is your golf swing? Judge everyone else in these extreme wins & fails! It's @FailArmy Vs. P ...Voir Plus

Extremely Talented Strong Moms | People Are Awesome

Happy #MothersDay! Give your awesome mom gratitude today! And let us know in the comments what makes ...Voir Plus

Elderly Woman Deadlifts Huge Weight | Best of the Week

You can be strong at any age! Who is your favorite awesome person this week? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best  ...Voir Plus

5 Extreme Places To Surf In California Before You Die

Would you want to surf these big waves along the west coast? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ My ...Voir Plus

Freerunning Over A Car & More Parkour Stunts! | Ultimate Compilation

Who needs a car when you can just jump over them? It's the ULTIMATE in extreme parkour clips! Enjoy! ...Voir Plus

Smooth Vs. Painful Skateboarders & More! | PAA Vs. FailArmy

Have you ever had a skateboard hit you in the wrong spot? #FailArmy Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the We ...Voir Plus

Handstand Treadmill Workout & More! | Best Of The Week

Do you go this hard on the treadmill? #peopleareawesome Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ Mystery ...Voir Plus

My Epic Trip To British Columbia | @MustDoCanada

Would you bungee jump off a 150-foot bridge? Come on My Epic Trip with @MustDoCanada to British Colu ...Voir Plus

Make-A Wish-Foundation Restores Teen Leukemia Survivor's Truck To Mint Condition

Enjoy! ▽ FOLLOW US FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS! ➤ Facebook ➝ ➤ Instagram ➝ htt ...Voir Plus

Strange Skills Turning Trash Into Art | Ultimate Compilation

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: creative edition! It's the ultimate compilation in weird and totally coo ...Voir Plus

Slackline Skilled Or Pained? And More Wins Vs. Fails | PAA Vs. FailArmy

Does this make you want to try slacklining... or pass? Place your bets, because it's time for PAA Vs ...Voir Plus

My Epic Trip To New Zealand | @ExplorastoryFilms | People Are Awesome

Doing New Zealand's Kepler Track was a huge accomplishment for Ryan! Would you adventure on this gia ...Voir Plus

He Broke The World Jumping Record | Best Of The Week

In this week's best clips, we've got the world record breaker for box jumps! How far up can you box  ...Voir Plus

7 Most Epic Trips Around The Earth | My Epic Trip

Happy #EarthDay, awesome people! We're celebrating our love of the planet and counting down the most ...Voir Plus

Wingsuit Flying, Cycling, & More Across The Earth | Ultimate Compilation

This #EarthDay, we're bringing you the ultimate compilation in awesome sports and tricks in amazing  ...Voir Plus

Motorcycle Wheelies & More Wins VS. Fails | PAA Vs. FailArmy

How long can you hold a wheelie? Get ready for all this weeks big wins and bigger fails! It's PAA VS ...Voir Plus

My Epic Trip To Tasmania | Ryan Wilkes @explorastoryfilms

What did you think a Tasmanian Devil actually looks like? Ryan went to find out! Comment where else  ...Voir Plus

Eating Pizza While Hang Gliding | Best of the Week

How do you like to multitask? Check out the pizza hang glider and the rest of this week's best clips ...Voir Plus

9 Facts About Martial Arts Tricking | Dose Of Awesome

Did you know there's a difference between martial arts and tricking? How are they combined? Find out ...Voir Plus

Coolest Knife & Axe Skills Worldwide | Ultimate Compilation

Do you like knives? It's the Ultimate Compilation of knife talents! Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the We ...Voir Plus

Bottlecap Kick Challenge Wins Vs. Fails & More! | PAA Vs. FailArmy

Did you master this kicking challenge... or not? It's PAA VS. @FailArmy time! Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best ...Voir Plus

My Epic Trip To Tonga | Ryan Wilkes

Where is it possible to swim with whales? Tonga! Come along with Ryan Wilkes on his epic trip to the ...Voir Plus

Man Bench Presses With ONE Hand | Best of the Week

How much can you press... with one arm? Check this strong guy out in this week's best clips! Enjoy!  ...Voir Plus

5 Incredible Places To Kiteboard Before You Die

Do you dream of flying over water? Find out where in the world has the prime wind and waves! What el ...Voir Plus

Ice Skating Flop Or Fantastic? Wins VS. Fails! | PAA Vs. FailArmy

Are you graceful on the ice? See who will will conquer and who will go down in this week's wins VS.  ...Voir Plus

Skateboarder Without Legs | Best of the Week

He doesn't need legs to go hard skating! #peopleareawesome Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ Myst ...Voir Plus

10 Unbelievable Facts About Freediving | Dose of Awesome

Does freediving look peaceful or frightening to you? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ https://ww ...Voir Plus

Incredible Human Talents | People Aren't Awesome

They're absolutely killing it! ........or are they? Happy April 1st, awesome people! Enjoy! WATCH NE ...Voir Plus

My Epic Trip to the French Alps | @JoanJetsetter | People Are Awesome

Would you like to explore everything the French Alps has to offer? Follow @JoanJetsetter on her epic ...Voir Plus

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